Construction of an observation tower in Jelgava




Municipality of Jelgava state city



A wooden observation tower in Jelgava, on Pils Island, with a well-equipped picnic area, was created for the summer of 2018 to observe wild horses, birds, two rivers and the city panorama in the meadows of the Lielupe floodplain, which is a protected natural area.

The observation tower is 19.2 meters or six floors high, with a wooden staircase leading to the upper viewing area. The first level of the tower can also be used by people with mobility impairments.

On the banks of Lielupe itself, in the "Lielupe floodplain meadows" nature reserve, an observation tower of wooden structures was built, the highest point of which reaches 19.2 m. The foundations of the tower are made of monolithic reinforced concrete to protect the structure from potential damage during flood season, a gabion wall was built on the river side. At the foot of the tower, a rest area has been built for visitors to the tower.