Recreational place on Zirni Island




Housing and Environment Department of Riga City Council



The resting place on Zirni Island near the Daugava was cleaned and improved. Stairs with handrails were installed. A changing booth, an information stand, a fire place with benches, several benches, wheel storages have been installed.

A project for the improvement of Zirņi salas was developed, providing for the placement of exercise equipment there, a ramp for the disabled, cleaning and beautification of the banks of the Daugava.”

About the implementation of the project, Agita Vismane-Bitmane, head of the Association of Residents of Riga Dārziņi, says:

"With this project, we wanted to create a place where the residents of Dārziņi can relax. Dārziņi is located in a very beautiful place near the Daugava, but until now there were no places to rest by the water, and the waterfront was unkempt and overgrown. Since the neighborhood is stretched along the river, we planned four places so that they would be as accessible as possible to all residents of the neighborhood."