Landscaping and earthworks

SIA Smart Energy provides territory improvement services of various complexity and volume.

We build versatile natural infrastructure facilities –
observation towers, various types of wooden and metal footbridges, as well as platforms.
Including also footbridges on water – pontoon footbridges.

We install various small architectural forms –
benches, waste bins, bike racks, information stands.

We have gained significant experience in the creation of wooden footbridges, paths, nature trails and greening of territories.
We install fences and fences, as well as sidewalks, driveways, parking lots,
recreation area, yard, garden path, etc. paving of territories.

We clean the territory from construction debris, rebuild, create terrain,
leveling of the land, installation of various engineering infrastructure in the plot of land –
in drains, rainwater drainage, automatic watering systems,
installation of video surveillance and decorative lighting system.

We are characterized by realized construction projects.